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Custom Ear Plugs

You don’t have to forgo your favorite loud activities in order to preserve your hearing. With custom ear plugs, you can shoot guns, ride noisy motorcycles, attend loud concerts, use power tools or work in a loud, industrial environment without fear of permanently damaging your hearing. Custom ear plugs offer the following benefits over traditional off the shelf earplugs:

  • Custom Ear PlugsBetter noise reduction
  • Better fit covering inner and outer ear
  • Easier to insert and remove
  • All-day comfort
  • Improved durability

Custom Ear Plugs for Work

If you work in a loud, industrial environment, you need to be able to block the loud noises that can damage your hearing. But walking around with your average heavy-duty ear protection on will make it impossible to communicate with colleagues and employees. Fortunately, certain kinds of high-quality custom ear plugs can block harmful sounds while still enabling you to hear voices and converse with others comfortably.

Custom Ear Plugs for Musicians

Custom Ear Plugs for Musicians

If you are a musician, your ears are part of your livelihood. It’s important to protect them, but you can’t plug up your ears completely and still expect to be able to perform well or appreciate music fully. With custom ear plugs specifically designed for musicians, you can protect your hearing without losing the ability to enjoy music. You basically get to turn down the volume on the world, without sacrificing your ability to hear the full range of musical tones.

Professional or DIY Ear Plugs?

The whole point of custom ear plugs is to get product that conforms to the exact contours of your ears. In order to do this, you need to have an impression of your ear taken. For the best quality and longest lasting custom ear plugs, you should have this done by an expert technician in a professional setting. If you want to save some money or need custom ear plugs for occasional use only, you can use a DIY kit to take your own ear impressions.