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Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear - Hearing AidWhen it comes to hearing aids, not all of them are created equal. At Better Hearing Aid Service, we carry the best hearing aid brands in a wide variety of colors, styles, and technologies to suit your unique needs.

When choosing your hearing aids, be sure to consider the following:

Your age – As an adult, you can pretty much have your choice of the various hearing aid styles. However, many older adults prefer easy-to-use models with touch controls, so they can adjust their settings without needing fine manual dexterity or excellent near vision. Growing kids are usually limited to behind the ear hearing aids.

Your level of hearing loss – Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, or severe. While most types of hearing aids can be juiced up with extra amplification power to accommodate individuals with high levels of hearing loss, tiny in the canal or invisible hearing aids are more suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Watching TelevisionYour interests – Different hearing aids can treat sound differently, enabling you to engage in a wide variety of activities comfortably. For example, if you regularly frequent noisy, crowded environments, you will want a hearing aid that eliminates feedback and filters out background noise so you can hear voices better. If you love listening to music or watching TV, you might want a hearing aid that can wirelessly stream the audio from the TV or music player directly to your hearing aid for crystal clear sound.

Your preferences – Comfort is definitely a factor to consider when choosing a hearing aid. This applies both to physical and emotional comfort. If you feel self-conscious about your hearing loss, you will want an invisible or in the canal hearing aid that is virtual unnoticeable. If you feel uncomfortable having your ear canal blocked, you will prefer a behind the ear or receiver in the ear style hearing aid.