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Choosing Hearing Aids by Style

Whether you’re looking for a hearing aid that disappears inside your ear canal so that no one will know you’re wearing it, or need an easy-to-adjust style due to dexterity issues, Better Hearing Aid Service can help you find the perfect hearing aid for you. Choose from the following styles:

Behind the Ear  - Hearing AidsBehind the Ear – We carry updated versions of the classic behind the ear hearing aid, including models with easy-touch control panels and slim, discreet body designs. Behind the ear hearing aids offer increased amplification over most in the ear hearing aids. Sound travels into the ear via a plastic tube, which leaves the ear canal open and unblocked for maximum comfort.
Receiver in Canal - Hearing AidsReceiver in Canal – This style of hearing aid reduces feedback by separating the microphone and the receiver. The microphone is housed in a slim case that fits behind the ear, while the receiver is placed inside the ear. The fit is still open and very comfortable, making receiver in canal hearing aids ideal for first-time wearers.
In the Ear - Hearing AidsIn the Ear – A custom-made housing fits all of the technology required to capture and amplify sound within the outer portion of your ear. Easy-to-use controls make in the ear hearing aids perfect for individuals with limited dexterity.
In the Canal - Hearing AidsIn the Canal – In the canal hearing aids deliver many of the same benefits of in the ear hearing aids, but with an even smaller footprint. The custom-made in the canal hearing aid fits in the ear canal with the portion housing the controls facing out into the outer ear.
Completely in Canal - Hearing AidsCompletely In Canal – This style of hearing aid is extremely discreet. It fits entirely within the ear canal, with just a small bit of plastic showing above the edge of the canal. While this style of hearing aid is also custom-made, it may not be suitable for people with extremely narrow ear canals.
Invisible - Hearing AidsInvisible Products – Invisible hearing aids are placed around the bend of the ear canal, where they are virtually invisible in most people’s ears. Though they fit deep in the ear, they are still easy to remove.
If you have severe hearing loss, you will probably want to choose an in the ear, receiver in canal, or behind the ear hearing aid. Models with behind the ear casings come in a variety of colors, from neutral colors to bright tones. In the ear and in canal models come in a variety of skin tones for maximum discretion.