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Hearing Aids for Children

If your child has a hearing problem, what you do right now will have a lasting impact on his or her life. Research has shown that providing children with hearing aids at an early age can improve language acquisition, help kids do better in school, and promote social development. Being successful in these areas at a young age will help your child grow into a happy and successful adult. Therefore, you need to get the best possible hearing aid for your child’s unique needs right now.

Hearing Aids for Children

Choosing Children’s Hearing Aids

Because kids’ bodies are still developing, and also because they tend to be rougher on hearing aids than most adults, some special concerns apply when choosing a hearing aid for your child. A good children’s hearing aid should offer:

  • Powerful sound processing
  • Safe, comfortable construction
  • Fun design
  • Durability
  • Complete water resistance
  • Pink Behind the Ear Hearing AidFeedback management
  • Smart technology for speech recognition
  • Direct audio input
  • Remote adjustment capability
  • Ability to be resized frequently as the child grows

A wireless behind the ear hearing aid is generally the best choice for kids, because you can get all of these vital features and more.

Hearing Aids by Age

As your child grows and develops, their hearing aid needs will change. Growing bodies mean that kids need their earmolds changed a couple of times per year to ensure a good fit. Growing minds mean that kids need different sound technology at different ages. Babies and toddlers need to hear as much sound as possible, while school-age children need special technology to clarify speech and reduce background noise. They may also need the ability to plug a direct audio input cord into their hearing aid, so that they can listen to audio recordings or FM transmissions of their teachers’ voices with maximum clarity.