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What is Tinnitus and How Can I Treat It?

Posted on May 16, 2013 in Blog

TinnitusTinnitus is another name for ringing in your years. It is a pretty common problem experienced by about 1 in 5 Americans. Tinnitus can occur in short, recurrent bursts or in a long, drawn-out, seemingly endless stream of noise. Everyone hears different sounds when they have tinnitus, so you may hear sounds that seem like whistling, roaring, buzzing, clicking, or hissing as well as ringing. With help from your doctor or a hearing care professional, you can treat and even cure your tinnitus.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually a symptom of some type of problem affecting the inner or outer ear. The most common cause of tinnitus is damage to the tiny hairs and/or nerves in your inner ears. If the hairs that respond to sound waves become damaged, they will think that they are sensing sound waves that aren’t really there. The same thing can happen if your auditory nerves become damaged. Your brain will interpret the false signals from the hairs and nerves as the random buzzing and whistling of tinnitus.

This kind of inner ear damage is frequently linked to age-related hearing loss, noise exposure, earwax blockage, and ear bone changes. Your inner ears may also become damaged if you suffer a head or neck injury or develop certain diseases. Conditions like hypertension and high blood pressure, as well as the use of certain medications, can also trigger tinnitus.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treating tinnitus, your options depend on what is causing the tinnitus in the first place. Some causes such as high blood pressure or earwax blockage can be treated in order to eliminate the tinnitus entirely. Tinnitus due to short-term noise exposure often goes away on its own.

Most of the time, however, you will not be able to cure your tinnitus, but only suppress it using a tinnitus treatment device. These devices mask your tinnitus by using a specially calibrated sound stimulus to cancel out the sounds you think you are hearing.

Benefits of Tinnitus Treatment Devices

Tinnitus treatment devices are wearable, hearing aid like devices that offer you the ability to enjoy 24-hour relief from annoying tinnitus sounds everywhere you go. As an added bonus, the device can also be fitted with amplification technology to provide a two-in-one solution for people with tinnitus and hearing loss. The device is easy to use. After fine tuning the sound stimulus to match your unique tinnitus sounds with your hearing professional, you can easily adjust the volume and memory settings on the device to accommodate changes in your symptoms. If you have any questions about using a tinnitus treatment device, just stop by Better Hearing Aid Service today.